Top 8 most Influential Women To Watch Out For In The UK In 2015

Women continue to rise to be ranked among the most powerful people in the society today. Who are the women in the most powerful UK in 2014? Who are the women to watch out for in 2015? Here is a list of the top 8 most influential women to watch out for in the UK in 2015


1. Karen Blackett

Karen is the CEO of Mediacom, UK. This year she was named the first on the UK power list. The list features the most influential black people in the UK. Karen Blackett is the first businesswoman to top the list. She also received an OBE in the Queen’s Honors list in the media industry.


2. Doreen Lawrence

She is an anti- racist campaigner. Born in Jamaica, Doreen moved to the UK at the age of nine. Her son was murdered in a racist attack in 1993. In 1998, together with her husband, they founded the Stephen Lawrence charitable trust in honor of their son. Doreen Lawrence was awarded the OEB for community service in 2003. She was named the first on the woman’s hour power list.


3. Queen Elizabeth II

The list of influential women in the UK would not be complete without mentioning the queen of England. She has been the queen for 57 years and still remains among the most influential woman today. It is in the recent past she has reduced her public engagement.


4. Esther McVey MP

She is the minister for employment and conservative Member of Parliament for Wirral West. She is a law graduate who has been in the media industry for about 14 years. She is credited for funding the largest business network in the North West. Esther McVey became the MP for Wirral West in 2010. Since then she drastically has risen in rank in the Conservative Party to be the second in the department of works and pension.


5. Katie Grand

The in- chief -editor for the love magazine, is one of the most influential women in the UK. She is a figure to reckon with in the fashion industry. She is among the most influential stylists and fashion setters in the world today.


6. Rona Fairhead

The first ever woman to be appointed as the chairperson of the BBC Trust. Rona Fairhead has been described as an exceptional person. Her corporate portfolio is something worth mentioning.


7. Debbie Jevans

The 53 years old, England Rugby 2015 CEO was is the most influential woman in sports in the KU today. She is in charge of organizing the rugby world cup next year in England. The former tennis player was also the director of staging both the Olympics and Paralympic games in 2012. She was the first woman to ever hold such a position.


8. Reverend Lucy Winkett

She is the first woman to be appointed as bishop of the Anglican church in the UK. She also served as the Canon Precentor of St Paul's Cathedral, a move that caused a stir. Reverend Lucy Winkett contributed several bestsellers among them being Why I Am Still an Anglican’. Joanna Shields is an accomplished tech professional, an entrepreneur and a business investor. Born 12 July 1962, the Anglo-American has walked the red carpet for a long time, wining and dining with the mighty. A British parliamentarian who sits on the Conservative benches following an invitation by PM David Cameron, Joanna Shields is also the Chief Digital Advisor to the Prime Minister, a Non-Executive at the London Stock Exchange Group, and a former chair of Tech City.


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